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Do your own thoughts trouble you? What is it that plays in your mind for hours on end? Are you thinking about how frustrated you are at the circumstances in your life? Are you still struggling to keep fear at bay? If you are experiencing thoughts and beliefs that cause you distress and pain, now is the time to shed them! That’s what God wants for you. That’s what Christ did for you. Receive your freedom! With the help of the Holy Spirit, seek out the enemy strongholds in your mind and destroy them with the Word. Don’t settle for anything less than complete freedom.Never forget, God did not give you a spirit of fear so fight against it!


  • I receive my freedom because Jesus died to get it for me.
  • I let go of anything that stands between me and my freedom in Christ.
  • By faith I declare to powers and principalities that I have been freed of fear, addictions, bad habits and wrong thinking. I am free indeed!


Word of the Day


Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.

John 8:36

By Barb Rarden, Employed for Life

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BRUCE (0) - 07/02 Pray

I am going to have a second interview today and god be with me to get hired. Igive him all of my prayers and good will

Doug (0) - 07/02 Pray

Please pray that I find a job soon. I have been unemployed for awhile. Because of my age and my specific skills,...

Yocelinn (0) - 07/02 Pray

Please pray I get a 3rd part time job. I've been struggling financially and it's time I get a night time job. But...

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